After 2 weeks of painful sciatica, I have just had Reflexology from David. I didn’t think it would be so amazing – the pain stopped and I’m walking again!!! I can’t speak highly enough of both David and his company ‘Gentle Sole’ – give it a try xx

Debbie WelshCardiff

Having had several sessions of treatment from David, not only did it relaxed and inform me, it also made me aware of how important our feet really are – we should not neglect them!
David was able to identify a pathology that was soon to become a reality.
Not only is David a gentle soul but he is also a lovely gentle man. Give it a go you will be thrilled.

Lynda JonesNorth Wales

You haven’t had Reflexology until you have had a session with David! Having seen other Reflexologists in the past, I was blown away by the depth of David’s knowledge and how sensitively he identified both physical and emotional issues. He was very thorough and guided me through the process professionally. I left feeling utterly relaxed, like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

At work the next day, people commented how full of energy I was and that my eyes were sparkling. I felt, and still feel calm and centred.

For the past 11 years I can count on one hand how many times I have slept through the night. I’ve tried every remedy known to man and even resorted to prescribed sleeping pills, which didn’t work. At best I would wake 3-4 times a night, at worst I’d be awake every 20-25mins. However!! It’s been 8 days since my session with David and I’ve had 5-6 hours uninterrupted sleep every night! It’s incredible!

I can honestly say this was the most fantastic form of self care I have experienced. I have booked my next session in and have also booked in my Dad and two close friends – I want them to experience this and feel the incredibly positive, long lasting effects for themselves. I HIGHLY recommend booking in with David – you’ll thank yourself later!

Lidia TrojanowskaCardiff

The treatment I received from David was not only relaxing and beneficial to my health, but amazingly intuitive. His insight into my emotional and physical wellbeing was quite extraordinary. I see sunny times ahead for this Gentle Sole and I would recommend him with both feet!

Sian LloydITV Weather Presenter/Journalist

Well what can I say … To begin with I had no idea what Reflexology was (other than touching my feet – which I usually dislike). David was absolutely fantastic, he makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. He manipulated areas of my feet and discovered some things that he would never have known before (digestion problem). As a result I have changed my diet and the issue has improved significantly. I had very detailed notes after the session and I have made changes as a result. I can’t recommend David enough and look forward to my next session. Thank you David.

Councillor Anthony John RichardsPontardawe

I had an amazing experience which was both informative and uplifting. David’s depth of knowledge, professional confidence and gentle calmness put me immediately at ease. His gentle but firm treatment transported me away and I didn’t want the session to end. He is indeed a gentle soul.

Gary TownsendWatford

Reflexology with David is fantastic!

Having always been cynical about alternative therapies, I was shocked to feel the benefits almost immediately! I feel more energised, aches and pains have disappeared and I’m sleeping better than ever! I can’t wait for my next session!

Danielle JonesCaerphilly

Reflexology sessions come in many forms, some pleasurable, some mildly painful, some enlightening, some deeply moving. Discovering and untangling hidden inner knots in body, mind, soul requires special qualities of any therapist.

David has an innate ability to listen, feel, and see what ails his clients with honesty, empathy and gentleness. This is a rare gift, which enhances the Reflexology treatment, the benefits of which are long lasting.

I have David to thank for improving my wellbeing on so many levels, and can highly recommend him – a river of truth runs through all that he does.

Heulwen HafActress - Cardiff

David was extremely professional, knowledgeable and thorough when explaining what each step of the Reflexology treatment entailed – I felt relaxed and in good hands.

David identified various personal issues I am dealing with both mentally and physically and provided advice on how to take care of myself in these areas. David identified a verruca on my right foot (which I have had for 6 years and had unsuccessfully frozen numerous times) in the area which represents “family”. David explained that the verruca symbolised a ‘deeply rooted family issue’ which I haven’t emotionally dealt with. He was correct.

Following the treatment I sought support and was able to talk about how my parents divorced when I was younger and how it affected me – I instantly thought back to the verruca David initially identified and put the two together.

Thanks to the Reflexology, I have been able to deal with my underlying family issue by putting emotional coping mechanisms in place. Most interestingly, and miraculously, my verucca has now disappeared!

I would like to thank David for the treatment, his advice and expertise. I am now no longer embarrassed to bare my soles!

Kimberley WhitehouseCardiff

Really great relaxing experience. Having suffered an injury recently the reflexology helped relax my feet and the detailed discussion following gave great and suggestions of changes I can make to love a better life.

Mike Evans

Seen by David a little while ago ( heaven ) this threw up a little health issue I had, which prompted me to go and be seen by first my GP and then a referral to Llandough hospital, been seen today and it turned out to a muscular issue, but safe to say I am both thankful and relieved. Firmly believe in the benefits of reflexology, and you could not wish to meet a nicer reflexologist.

Pam Edwards

I suffer with psoriatic arthritis which often leaves me feeling stiff and aching especially in the morning. Following just one session with David I experienced a very deep and restful nights sleep and the following morning a complete lack of pain and stiffness that I routinely feel on getting out of bed and starting the day. I was sceptical as to the benefits from reflexology but I would definitely recommend experiencing it first hand as it has had greatly improved my mobility and decreased pain for me.

Richard Price

What a pleasant experience. David explained reflexology in terms I could understand. During the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable and David’s empathy with thing that came to light through the treatment made the experience all the better. I’ll be back and I’d certainly recommend.

Richard Davies

What a pleasant experience. David explained reflexology in terms I could understand. During the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable and David’s empathy with thing that came to light through the treatment made the experience all the better. I’ll be back and I’d certainly recommend.

Nia Rammage

David was quick with his response for booking me in, and the treatment was amazing! Having not experienced reflexology I didn’t quite know what to expect, but David put me at ease and talked me through everything. His knowledge is vast, and he has a clear passion for reflexology which made it more enjoyable for myself. I would tell everyone to give it a try at least once, I’ll certainly be coming back for more!

Sarah Long

What a pleasant and enjoyable treatment! David was attentive and informative throughout and filled with friendly and funny chat. Treatment allowed me to sleep through the nigh for the first time in months! I highly recommend Gentle Sole without exception! Look forward to my follow up treatment.

Donovan Gay

This was by far the most in-depth, calming, relaxing and helpful reflexology treatment I have ever had. David Parry Steer is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of body, mind, and spirit. His expertise shines through. I felt amazing after the treatment and that feeling continued all week. I cannot wait for my next appointment!

Tracey Helsey

What a pleasant experience. David explained reflexology in terms I could understand. During the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable and David’s empathy with thing that came to light through the treatment made the experience all the better. I’ll be back and I’d certainly recommend.

Nia Rammage

I’ve been seeing David for over 6 months and would find it difficult now to live without the reflexology he gives. It’s brilliant! I’ve changed from being stressed, anxious, unable to sleep to being far calmer, and able to cope with a busy life. I’m amazed at what my feet say about everything and I have no doubt that reflexology re-balances everything. It has for me. Looking forward to my first session of many in 2019.

Sioned Geraint

Different to previous treatments. Worth every penny. Professional & effective. Will continue & recommend.

Mandy Healey

I had my first reflexology session with David today and I can’t recommend him enough. Im really looking forward to my next session to see the improvements. David picked up on lots of niggles I’m struggling with so I’m really happy he’ll be monitoring them.

Kate Welsh

I’ve been having regular sessions with Dave since December as part of a variety of holistic ‘self care’ treatments.
Dave is extremely professional, knowledgeable, discreet and attentive.
The duopody method he uses is one I had never tried previously in reflexology. I find it very grounding, and it always enables me to sleep better the night of my treatments, which in itself is a miracle as I usually get by with very little sleep.
The treatment experience is relaxing and, if you allow yourself to be open to the observations he makes, can also be very insightful.
I thoroughly recommend Dave’s treatments whether you’re looking for some ‘me’ time or something more healing based.

Wendy Sleat

Had a session with David recently in work and it was excellent. As a first timer he explained everything he was doing which made the session really interesting. The session helped with a problem I have with my back but he also picked up on my shoulder problem and stopped the pain even though I hadn’t mentioned it to him. Will definitely visit David again and would highly recommend.

Sally Roberts

David is amazing! My reflexology sessions have left me feeling euphoric which is why I recommend them to my Aunt who had her first session a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it.

Marieclare Clarke

Went to see Dave this evening due to a condition I have. Never tried this therapy before so went in with an open mind. Dave is very professional, very knowledgeable about his field, understanding of my condition. I would throughly recommend Dave to anyone , he has really opened my eyes to this type of therapy and some of the things we discussed were uncanny in terms of my personal life. Dave I will be booking another session in the very near future thank you again wonderful service.

Lee Moore

Such a relaxing session of reflexology today with David, learnt so much and have definitely reset and recharged !!! Thanks Dave, highly recommended!!

Jo Griffiths

David is a real spiritual practitioner who is highly sensitive to his client’s needs – lovely man / highly recommended!!

Di Kendra

Had a session with David yesterday. Amazing! Spot on. Very friendly, courteous, thoughtful. Have had two session and has done wonders for me. Highly recommend!!

Eris Culpepper