Duopody SportsFlex is a unique and innovative approach to Reflexology; it provides a specific and specialist treatment, not only to the injury site but also to the entire myocontinuum fascia within the whole body (chains of muscle, connective tissue, cartilage, ligaments, nerves, tendons etc).

With this technique any tension, associated or referred pain that manifests in other areas of the body may be relieved. In addition, the reflected zones for common sporting injuries have been mapped onto the feet and these areas can be targeted and specific therapy applied.

Duopody SportsFlex includes treating the reflected adrenal glands as well as the lymphatic/immune system to maximize the body’s natural pain relief, innate self-repair and healing capacities. To aid the elimination of toxins and drainage of lymph, attention is given to the urinary and circulatory systems.

The duration of the first treatment session is one and a half hours and includes a comprehensive health consultation plus completion of a Duopody SportsFlex questionnaire.

Frequency and duration of further treatments is decided mutually, after the first session and is designed to meet the individual needs of the client.