Reiki is an ancient method of “healing” or energy medicine, and it roughly translates as “spiritual air”. As a Reiki II practitioner, I have been attuned by Sue Alma Evans, a highly respected Reiki Master, to receive universal healing energy and this can be channeled through my hands either directly onto the body or hovering just above.

Theory suggests that Reiki energy boosts the body’s own innate healing capacity. As you might think, a ReikiFlex treatment is part Reflexology and part Reiki. Imbalanced areas on the ‘micro’ feet are identified and treated first, followed by Reiki on the ‘macro’ body. It is an extremely relaxing, therapeutic treatment in which the benefits of Reflexology and Reiki combine to offer another dimension to complementary therapy.

Upon request, full Reiki treatments are available. In my experience it is a beautiful way to alleviate the impact of physical trauma and injuries; it is most definitely appropriate for the maintainance and care of one’s mental health, and if you are feeling on top of the world – it is a fabulous way to relax for an hour!

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