Many Cancer Hospitals and Hospices in the Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan area employ Reflexologists as an important part of their complementary therapy teams. They help adults and children alike, who are undergoing aggressive cancer treatments, are living with cancer, or are in remission. Care Homes for the Elderly also recognise and acknowledge the part Reflexology has to play, in making people’s lives more comfortable.

Conventional Duopody Reflexology sessions can be adapted if you are in palliative care, using a feather light touch if required. Treatment length will be dependent upon how you respond to touch and your individual needs. Another advanced technique can be employed, namely CALM (Caring Attention Leading to Mollification) which is an extremely soothing, relaxing method of re-balancing energy in the feet.

The intention of the Duopodist is to improve a sense of wellbeing and it may make the side effects of cancer treatment manageable. It really is a wonderful, complementary therapy.

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